From creating a cool and comfortable oasis in the summer to stamping out the winter chill, a functioning heat pump is essential for every home. But when you’re suddenly left with a busted system, you’ll need a trusted HVAC professional to fix the problem fast.

JYS Aircon provides Tampa residents with the heat pump services they need to experience continued comfort in their homes all year long. From installation and maintenance to repair and replacement, our team uses the industry’s most advanced tools and techniques to provide you with fast, efficient heat pump services all year round.

Call us at (407) 537-4348 or contact us online today to schedule heat pump services at your Tampa home. We offer 24-hour emergency heat pump service throughout the Tampa area!

Signs You Need Heat Pump Services


Just like any home appliance, a heat pump may cease to perform as it should. The following are some of the most common signs that it’s time to schedule heat pump service:

  • Old age: Has your heat pump been installed for longer than 15 years? If so, you may already be experiencing the effects of poorer performance with old age. Have your heat pump replaced with a new system for better performance right away!
  • Strange noises: Your system should never make rattling, groaning, banging, or other mechanical noises. These are a clear sign that you need a trained HVAC professional to evaluate your heat pump.
  • High electricity bill: A sudden increase in your electric bill can be a clear sign that something is wrong with your system.
  • Shorter cycles: If your system is continuously switching on and off, it’s a sure indication that something is wrong with your heat pump.
  • No heat: A poorly performing heat pump won’t produce enough heat to keep your family comfortable: It’s best to call an HVAC professional for service.

JYS Aircon provides heat pump services when you need them most, offering 24/7 emergency repair services to all Tampa residents.

Call us at (407) 537-4348 or contact us online to have a certified HVAC expert address your heat pump’s repair needs. 

Your Trusted One-Stop Shop for All Heat Pump Services in Orlando, FL


Whether you’re making the switch from a furnace to a heat pump or need an existing unit repaired or maintained, JYS Aircon provides comprehensive heat pump services for all your installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance needs. Our team provides the following heat pump services for your convenience:

  • Heat pump installation and replacement: Have our team install or replace a new unit in your home for immediate performance enhancement.
  • Heat pump maintenance: Keep your system running for the long-term with regularly scheduled maintenance.  
  • Heat pump repair: Get your heat pump back in working order with repair services available 24/7.